Furnishings / Equipment & Supplies

Furnishings & Tabletop

A restaurant's décor is as important as location, food and service. Our design experts can help you create the ideal interior design for the guest experience you envision.

Interior Design

Let our experts help you design the restaurant image and guest experience.

Interior Furnishings

Choose from a wide selection of quality furniture, lighting, carpeting, and other décor furnishings.


Our in-house tabletop specialists have the experience to help you create the ideal tabletop effect that completes your interior décor. We carry an extensive selection of fine chinaware, flatware, glassware, menu covers, and more to help you create just the right guest presentation.

Equipment & Supplies

At Castino, we specialize in providing fast, convenient and specific-to-your-needs equipment and supplies.


We offer on-site training for all foodservice equipment to allow your staff to perform at peak efficiency from day one.

Small Wares Packages

As your foodservice operation grows, we have the small wares packages necessary to make that growth smooth, efficient, and bottom-line focused.

New and Pre-Owned Equipment

Find exactly what you need from our extensive inventory of new and pre-owned equipment.

Kitchen Supplies

We offer a comprehensive inventory and quick delivery of kitchen supplies to keep your restaurant running smoothly.